National Automobile Museum

National Automobile Museum
The National Automobile Museum is located at 1 Museum Dr, Reno, NV 89501. It displays vehicles from the collection of William F. Harrah. It opened on November 5, 1989. The museum features a wide variety of vehicles from every time period. You can explore the collection and learn about different cars. It is free to enter and you will have the opportunity to view the vehicles up close.
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The museum includes more than 200 classic and vintage cars. It is home to a variety of exhibits and is the ideal venue for a memorable event. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or simply want to spend time with family and friends, the National Automobile Museum is a perfect place to celebrate your special occasion. The museum is a nonprofit organization, and all proceeds benefit the museum’s mission. Donors provide funds for its operations and endowment, as well as gifts of artifacts.
Visitors can enjoy the museum’s rotating exhibits of famous cars. There is the iconic 1981 Delorean, featured in the Back to the Future movie series. To the left, you can see the 1953 Chevrolet driven by John Wayne. You can also find a gold-plated DeLorean and a 1949 Mercury driven by James Dean.
The Donald and Genevieve Henson Museum was established in 1966. The museum is open year-round. Its unique collection includes more than 65 historical cars. The museum is considered to have the only alphabet Ford Collection, featuring a Model T with a letter designation. The museum also offers many special events throughout the year.
The museum is handicap-accessible. There are two personal elevators located in the building, and there are attendants on site to assist visitors who need assistance. The museum offers wheelchairs and mobility scooters for free. Visitors can also get assistance from the Museum Store. The National Automobile Museum is an excellent choice for visitors who want to experience a variety of historic vehicles.
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You can also enjoy an exhibition on Corvette, a popular American sports car. There are over 80 Corvettes on display. Each one is unique and a marvel of engineering. You can also view rare collectibles and antique furniture. Throughout the exhibits, you can see more than 250 automobiles. If you are looking for souvenirs of your own, you can buy them from the Museum Store. There are also plenty of books and other memorabilia to take home.
The National Automobile Museum has many rotating exhibits. In the past, Thomas Flyer won the 1908 New York to Paris race and was moved here. The museum has over 600,000 processed items and displays about the entire automotive world. The museum is located downtown, just two blocks away from restaurants on the river.
After viewing the museum’s classic vehicles, you can head to the Speed Ally gallery, a museum gallery dedicated to race cars. A light blue 1954 Buick with white wall tires will stand in this gallery, and the museum’s miniature NASA Mission Control will be on the left.