Web Design – Kick The Tires

Website design is a purely personal expression.
When you work with a designer you are attempting to pass along your vision for the website in the hopes that they can capture that vision and bring it to life. Often what you get doesn’t really coincide with your vision, but it’s a website so you may not get too upset.

Often the process of wed design is a bit like attempting to reinvent the wheel. Sure, it may be a rather unique wheel with lots of technical gadgets, but the truth is the wheel has already been invented.

If we continue the wheel (tire) analogy we see that the tire can be improved with various tread designs, shapes and sizes, but in the end it is still a tire.

When you go to buy a tire do you look for the best value or the most expensive one available? Chances are you probably do some comparison shopping first. You take into account the amount of miles you can expect from the tire, what sore of road conditions the tire is best suited for and, of course, you will be interested in the overall price associated with the tire.

Before mass marketing there was a time when everything had to be hand crafted. Each individual piece was made specifically for the item being produced. When you received the product you could be guaranteed it was one of a kind. Can you imagine having to visit a Vulcanized Rubbersmith who had to forge tires made specifically for your vehicle?

Even typing that last line seems absurd, yet it is this exact mentality that is prevalent in web design. Many ecommerce stores approach web design in the same way you might approach our proverbial Vulcanized Rubbersmith.

There is an option available that does not require the time and money of a traditional web design option, yet the more accessible option is either ignored or remains misunderstood.

Web builder technology allows you to essentially customize an existing ‘tire’. You can determine which options you want, you can access them personally and forge the site into a personally crafted vision.

The wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented, but along with all the other alternatives you might want to investigate template rich web building options. They are always available at a reduced price and often offer options that may be unavailable (or extremely costly) in a traditional web design option.

Compare price, features and function before making a decision. And unlike traditional web design options you can even take web-building technology for a test drive.